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    Welcome at Artero-Généalogo !


This site is at your disposal for your genealogical research.

Two operating modes are for the moment available.

  • The search mode enables you to find people recorded in the data base Artero-Généalogo™ and to visualize their close relations (parents, children, brother-sisters etc…). It is envisaged to add other functions like the display of family trees, the search for "cousinage".
  • The edition mode allows the insertion of new cards and the modification of cards in the data base. The cards created "belong" to their creator. By defect, the cards can only be updated by their creator. Nevertheless if you create cards, you can share their access in edition mode with the people of your choice. The import of Gedcom format files is foreseen.


The application is not finalized, please feel free to make me share of your impressions, suggestions and questions at: alain@artero-net.com